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I am very interested in helping new mothers and babies with breastfeeding  and would be very keen to find out what the study requirements are to become a lactation consultant? Are there any prerequisites to undertake this course? What is the cost?

It does depend on your background as to what criteria you need to meet to become a lactation consultant. It is best to go to the website as there are particular criteria for those who are not already health professionals. Our course certainly will give you information to help with breastfeeding and prepare you for sitting the international exam. We have no pre requisites for undertaking our course, however, without any medical or midwifery background  you will probably need more time to complete the course, we usually say 7 months but you could do it  over 12 months. The cost is $650 Australian which can be paid  through Paypal, by cheque or online.

I would like to find out about the lactation consultant course and how the study is done? Is it external? I work full time as a midwife.

Once you register you receive a hard copy of the study guide which contains 10 modules and each module has questions and case studies for you to respond to. You send the answers back to us either by email or post for review and comments. You can undertake the course totally at you own pace, for example you could do 2 modules in a week or take 3 months, whatever the situation is. We do suggest completing in 7 months, and to do this you would need about 5 hours a week of study, however, if you needed longer you just let us know along the way.  We have a library you can borrow from, however, you may have access to texts books in your library at work.

I am interested in becoming a lactation consultant. Your course information states that I must provide information about/permission from my uni lecturer to be eligible to start your course. However, I am not at uni. Do I have to be? I already have a BSc degree, but not in a health field. I am a mother who has an interest in promoting breastfeeding and would like to know what path you would suggest to becoming a lactation consultant. At the moment I am not able to commit to attending university as I care for young children but would be able to study from home.

Only those students who are wanting to gain credit in a university course need to gain permission from the university lecturer. Most students are not attending university so that information does not apply.  To become a lactation consultant there are criteria to meet and you need to go to the website for this information as it is quite separate to us. There are specific criteria for sitting the exam so you need to ensure you are able to meet them.  Our course meets the education hours (120 hours for this course) and also prepares for sitting the exam, however, many people do our course to update their knowledge on breastfeeding. You cannot call yourself a lactation consultant unless you have passed the exam, however, you are able to still help with breastfeeding.


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